Winter Guide to Pouring Waco Commercial Concrete

How To Pour Waco Commercial Concrete In Winter
With all-new Waco commercial concrete projects, the most crucial part is making sure the concrete dries properly to achieve the necessary durability and strength. The ideal temperature range for any Waco commercial concrete pour during the winter is near 55 degrees. When the temperature dips below these figures it will slow down the process of strengthening and setting of the concrete. In the rare event of temperatures falling below freezing, there is a risk that the water inside of the concrete will expand and may create breaks in the pour.

Luckily we have a team who are experts in the industry who can deal with these concerns accordingly. With our decades of experience, we bring knowledge and skill to every Waco commercial concrete project. We offer 100% in-house service capabilities to our customers and can work through all four seasons without compromising the level of our work. With winter approaching, we will continue providing high-quality pours while identifying and avoiding the common mistakes other businesses make.

Pulling Off A Proper Winter Pour
There are a few things we always keep in mind for the Waco commercial concrete pours we work on during the winter months. First, make sure the ground is properly thawed before starting the pour. When the ground temperature is as close as possible to the concrete this allows for a proper setting and ultimately a solid foundation. Our professional team can schedule for the right times to start pouring when we are on-site for any Waco commercial concrete project.

The next step we ensure for a high-quality pour is to pour the concrete as fast as possible. Our team has all the equipment necessary to have everything done in-house during our Waco commercial concrete pours. We can skip the risks that occur when concrete sits for too long. Finally, if the temperature dips below a certain point, we hold the heat in the foundation by covering it up. As the concrete dries it lets out heat, the first day of the drying process is critical for any Waco commercial concrete project.

We’re Ready To Start Pouring
You do not need to hold off on your future Waco commercial concrete project because of the upcoming winter season. We have decades of experience combined with our 100% in-house capabilities; in addition to the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to provide sophisticated Waco commercial concrete that surpasses our client’s expectations. We look forward to speaking with you soon about your potential new project and are excited to help bring your ideas to life. Give us a call today!